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You have played and mastered Chess, now what?
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Chess has been played 1865 times this month.

Did you know that Chess players have superior memory as well as imagination?

Merely picking up the Chess pieces doesn't produce any notable results but it has been known, for over a 100 years, that good Chess players indeed excel in these areas. Since then a number of experiments have been conducted to further demonstrate that learning and playing chess helps the mind and can be used as an effective mental training tool.

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Chess Game Update

The chess scores have been split into two groups: "Top Scores" and "Hall of Fame". The hall of hame holds the names of all chess players who have reached a score of 1093 or above.

Game Instructions
Play chess online against an intelligent opponent!

Chess is a game for two, played on a chessboard, with 32 pieces (16 for each player) of six types. Each type of piece moves in a distinct way. The goal of the game is to checkmate, i.e. to threaten the opponent's king with inevitable capture. Games do not necessarily end with checkmate - players often resign if they believe they will lose. In addition, there are several ways that a game can end in a draw.

See the in-game rules for more information.
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Game license: €195
Included files
• Flash game file (.swf)
• HTML embed code
• High score script (.php)
• MySQL database dump
Game info and details

The Flash game source (.fla) is also available!

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