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Game Instructions
The Drive
You will need to move your player down court without fouling an opponent or stepping out of bounds. To avoid fouling an opponent use your arrow keys to move around them opposed to going through them.

3 Pointers
When you reach the other end of the court you will have three chances to sink a basket. For every goal you will be awarded 100 points.

To Make a Shot:
1. Press the SPACE bar down to aim the shot.
2. Hold the SPACE bar down to set the power.
3. Release the SPACE bar to shoot the ball.
Game Licensing Info

You can add this game to your website, incl. your logo!

Game license: €125
Included files
• Flash game file (.swf)
• HTML embed code
• High score script (.php)
• MySQL database dump

Flash .fla source: €1899

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