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Online Flash gamesFlash Sport Games

Enjoy the sprightly collection of free online sports games! Exercise your reflexes, train your playing skills and have fun. If you are a webmaster and are looking to add Flash games to your website, all these sports games can be licensed or purchased.

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The most popular of all pool games. Referred to as Eight-ball, 8-ball, spots and stripes, or stripes and solids.

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Tear down the road on your skateboard while avoiding the oncoming obstacles.

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It is a downhill dash of amazing circumstances and the crowd below is eager to see if you can make it.

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Unique online basketball game where you must drive past the opposing team in order to try and score.

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Show Jumping - The Elegant Equine Sport. Guide your horse across the numbered obstacles and in the correct order.

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A full 18 holes of golf played in a simulated 3D environment! No Caddy needed...

Did you know that PONG is not the earliest sports game?

The earliest sports game The famous tennis sports game PONG

Pong may be the most famous early sports game but since it was released in 1972 it is far from being the earliest. What's interesting is that the very first sports game, which is by some even considered to be the very first computer game, was also a tennis game!

It dates back to 1958, was played on a oscilloscope and it was published simply as "Tennis for Two".

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