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Did you know that playing Tetris affects your brain efficiency?

The Big Bad Wolf

Research has shown that prolonged playing of Tetris increases brain activity. The better you get in playing Tetris the less glucose your brain consumes, so it kind of acts as brain jogging. And that's not all!

Even moderate playing of Tetris, for about half an hour per day for 2-3 months, boosts general cognitive functions such as reasoning, language, and critical thinking.

Furthermore, preliminary results of a research group at Oxford University indicate that playing Tetris helps heal trauma and may therefore help people who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder.

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Game Instructions
Play Tetrix, the free, online, Flash-based Tetris game.

Each game piece is composed of four square blocks. A random sequence of such tetrominoes appears before you one at a time. Your job is to sort them in such a manner as to complete each row. When you do it will slide down, making room for new tetrominoes.

Use the arrow keys to rotate each piece.
Use the SPACE bar to drop a piece, as it is currently positioned, to the bottom.
Game Licensing Info

You can add this game to your website, incl. your logo!

Game license: €175
Included files
• Flash game file (.swf)
• HTML embed code
• High score script (.php)
• MySQL database dump

Flash .fla source: €2100

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