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.fla Flash Game Source

We also offer the possibility to buy the Flash .fla source file of any GamezArena Flash game. That means that you can make any and all modifications to the game yourself. Any time you would like to change something, regardless of how big or small that modification may be, you can do it yourself. You will receive all necessary files, including highscore files were applicable, just as with Flash game licensing. The "only" difference between licensing the game and purchasing the game source is the one additional file format (.fla) and all the freedoms that come with owning the actual game source.

Buying the Flash game source gives you absolute limitless freedom over the purchased game, with no restrictions!

Flash Game Source - Delivery Formats

When purchasing a Flash game source you will receive a ZIP package including the following files: Games package delivery formats
  • FLA source file
  • SWF game file
  • HTML embed code
That's not all!
Most GamezArena games have a score-keeping feature so, when you buy the game source, you will also receive all associated score-keeping files:
  • PHP highscore file
  • MySQL database dump
Only Flash games which do not have the score-keeping feature are delivered without the PHP/MySQL pack.

All our games' source codes are written in AS2 (ActionScript 2) and can be edited by Adobe Flash CS3, CS4 or CS5.

Flash Game Source Pricing

The prices for Flash game source files currently range from 899 Euros/game to 5899 €/game. See the pre-packaged game collections for special deals.

You can see the complete list of Flash games, incl. all game source prices, on the Flash games list.

Contact us to get started or if you have any questions. If you are ready to order, here is the complete list of all Flash games available for licensing or purchase (incl. Flash source).