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Adding a Flash game to your website has many advantages. If you already have good games on your site then you know just how much games can benefit your site and your business or brand. GamezArena offers Flash games in several different ways, to meet any and all of our customers' needs.

Basic Flash Game Licensing

Flash Game Licensing in a Nutshell

Purchasing a license for a Flash game grants you the right to place the licensed game on your website. You will receive all the necessary files, to put them on your server. Flash Game Licensing in a Nutshell
  • Source code not included
  • Standard license, non exclusive
  • One-time licensing fee
  • No recurring fees!
  • No reseller rights

Game licensing is one possibility. You can license one of our games, exactly as it is, so without any modifications. In that case, the price is exactly as noted on each game page. It's very simple, very straight-forward.

If this is what you would like, then you have three choices:

Advanced Flash Game Licensing

Advanced Flash game licensing means that you can pick any GamezArena Flash game, have us modify it according to your specifications and then, when all is done, you license the game as such for your website. This option costs more than basic Flash game licensing but is considerably cheaper than custom Flash game creation! The price for advanced game licensing depends on the number and the complexity of the changes you wish to have made. Adding a custom logo to the game is the most common (and most affordable) customization request, but anything is possible!

If you are interested in this licensing option you can get more information here: customized Flash games.