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All GamezArena Flash games can be modified and customized to suit your needs. There is no limit to the number, nor the complexity, of game customizations! In our experience, most commonly requested changes are rather small and therefore inexpensive. Each customization request is priced individually.

Flash Game Customization

Common Customization Requests

Here is a list of commonly requested modifications to our Flash games. This can help you get a better idea of what all can be done to make any of our Flash games look and feel even more like a custom-created game.
  • Custom logo addition
  • Changing the game title
  • Changing the splash screen
  • Customizing the score submission
How does customizing a game work?

Graphic changes

All visual game elements can be changed when licensing a GamezArena Flash game. If you are an artist/designer or you have on your team, then you can create the altered game elements to be placed inside the game by us. Alternatively we can also make whatever graphic changes you would like for you. We can draw and/or animate anything, in any style.

Script changes

We can also make modifications to the game engine (ActionScript changes) or the highscore script.

Whether you need changes made to the graphic elements of the game, the game engine, or any other programming features, please request a quote for the desired modifications up front. Our prices are fair.

Game Customization Ideas

If you need ideas on how to customize one of our games to best suit your needs, we can help! Tell us a little bit about your product & services, tell us about your target audience, and we would be glad to make some suggestions. Contact us to get a free quote! No obligation!

The Games Market

Adding a Flash game to your website has many advantages. Browse our games articles to see various facts and figures for the gaming market, you will find plenty of good resources and information.