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Game Licensing Agreement Licensing Terms and Conditions

I. General

1. The License and/or License Agreement are all the paragraphs and sections outlined within this document. Any amendments to the outlined stipulations are stated herein within the Amendments section of this document.

2., Paletzgasse 22-24/11, 1160, Vienna, Austria is the Licensor of games under this License Agreement.

3. The Licensor is the owner of the games, copyrights, and all other intellectual property rights related to the games offered for licensing at the website or catalog.

4. The Licensed Game(s) is/are the below listed game(s) which is/are currently offered for licensing on the website or catalog.

5. Company Name, Street Address, Postal Code, City, State/Country is the Licensee of the Licensed Game(s) and is hereby entering into agreement with the Licensing Terms and Conditions.

6. is the Licensed Domain for which the Licensee agrees to limit the display of the Licensed Game(s) upon.

7. The Licensee is herby granted a non-exclusive License to use the game(s) delivered with this License Agreement upon the Licensed Domain for the period of time in which the Licensee owns the domain, or until which time the Licensee has been found to be negligent in adhering to the Licensing Agreement which may result in the revocation of the Game License. Licensee may not display Licensed Game(s) on multiple domains without purchasing a License for each domain on which the Licensee wishes to display the Licensed Games. Any displaying of Licensed Games on domains for which a License has not yet been purchased is a violation of the Game Licensing Agreement and subject to immediate revocation without compensation and possible refusal to the Licensee of future Game License purchase from the Licensor.

8. The Licensee may not redistribute Licensed Games in anyway, including offering as a download, offering upon CD/DVD or any other form of digital storage device, but not excluding other mediums of distribution not mentioned herein. Any redistribution of Licensed Games will be found as a violation of the Licensing Agreement and the entire License may be revoked without warning. Such revocation is not subject to the reimbursement of Licensing Fees due to the illegal contamination of Licensor's target market. Such violation may also result in the possible refusal to the Licensee of any future Game License purchases from the Licensor.

9. The transferring of any purchased License in the situation in which the Licensee sells or trades the Licensed Domain is allowed provided the Licensor is notified; the License Agreement is updated and agreed upon by the new License owner. If the Licensee fails to adhere to the guidelines of transferring the License, the License is subject to immediate revocation without compensation to either party. Such violation may also result in the possible refusal to the Licensee of any future Game License purchases from the Licensor.

II. Copying

1. The duplication of any Licensed Game is allowed for the sole purpose of creating a backup of the Licensed Game(s).

III. Customization

1. Customization of the Licensed Game(s) may only be performed by the Licensor. Any decoding or other methods of creating an editable source file for the Licensed Game(s) shall be viewed as an illegal act of attempted theft and/or copyright infringement.

IV. Warranty/Guarantee

1. The Licensor guarantees that the game will operate as presented by example on the website upon delivery within specific server environments. If a comparable server environment is not able to be obtained by the Licensee, the Licensor cannot be held responsible to make modifications. The Licensor can/will modify the Licensed Game(s) to function correctly on the Licensee's server for additional cost or issue a full refund. If the Licensee discovers that the Licensed Game(s) do not function properly on their server after having received the Licensed Game(s) file(s) no refund will be issued.

2. The Licensor does not guarantee functionality of the Licensed Game(s) if Licensee makes modifications to Licensed Game(s) file(s) or server environment after delivery of Licensed Game(s) file(s) have been setup and proven functionality has been established. If the Licensee modifies the Licensed Game(s) file(s) or server environment after functionality has been proven, the Licensor cannot be held responsible for any errors or non-functionality.

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