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Did you know that Ludo, Pachisi, Parcheesi and Sorry! are all the same game?

Traditional Pachisi game

It all began a long time ago, in ancient India, with a game called Pachisi. All the other games - Ludo, Parcheesi and Sorry! - are some of the many westernized adaptations or variations of Pachisi.

Pachisi is a cross and circle board game that was played with beehive shaped game pieces and cowrie shells instead of dice.

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Free Board Game for Kids

Game Instructions
The object of Ludo is to be the first to move your four pieces from the base to your home. See the in-game rules for more information on how to play the game.

Keyboard shortcuts:
Space - next turn, continue
S - sounds on/off
M - music on/off
A - animations on/off
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