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A note to parents

Fun & Educational Games

GamezArena offers custom-created Flash games in a multitude of genres, but the games in the kids section are especially suitable for young kids, from 3 to 12 years of age. Each game in the kids section is created with children in mind (even if it's not only a children's game), so that the child can learn and have fun at the same time while playing the game. Older children can freely play games throughout the website. All games are free to play and it's never to early to start exercising one's brain, reflexes and skills!

You may like too know that...

The kids come first!

You won't find any agressive nor inappropriate advertising banners on GamezArena, ever! Any advertisers we endorse are hand-picked. The kids come first!
GamezArena is a safe play zone!

The below games are sorted by popularity, so by the number of game plays this month. They are all free, so enjoy!
June 9th NEW: The kids games now have separate scores from all other games!

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Travel through maze after maze, from level to level and find your way through as many mazes as you can!

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Whether you know it Sorry!, Pachisi or Ludo, now you can play this classic game online for free!

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It's the classic Battleship board game with a twist, plus two different game play options!

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Be a 21st century hero and clear the river from all the thrash you find along the way. A fun action game for kids!

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Help Little Red Riding Hood gather apples in the forest and reach her grandmother with the trail you create for her.

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A cool math game for quick kids! Play Math Worm and help the worm climb up the stairs & leave the bird behind.

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It is the classic strategy game Connect Four with multiple skill levels, ranging from beginner to champion level.

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Play the popular word game Word Search, here tailored for kids to practice spelling while having fun!

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Guess the secret random code the computer has created by using simple logic. Exercise your mind & become a Mastermind!

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Classic Hangman is just that - a Hangman game suitable for all ages, based on the classic paper and pen game.

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Memory has never been more fun than with the Beanies! Play the classic concentration game with animated Beanies cards.

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All you have to do is live a long and happy frog's life.. hopping and eating.. Better eat a lot!

Did you know that playing games makes children smarter?

And not only that! Games can benefit kids in so many ways. They can stimulate imagination, improve deducation skills and reflexes and improve various skills. How exactly it benefits the child depends on the particular game. Not every game is automatically educational, but at GamezArena we make it a point to create and offer games that benefit players. Plus, they never lack in fun either.

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Kids Games Guide

The following games list offers additional help for selecting the right game based on the age of the child & the recommeded age for playing.

A Frog's Life9+
Red Riding Hood9+
Connect 47+
Math Worm7+
Word Search7+
River Rescue7+
Alligator Pond6+
Beanies Memory3+

Games Extra

Do you ever wonder what other games there are? Games that don't require you to be "online"? See how children used to play: Traditional Kids Games

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