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If you want to add a game to your website, you either already have a gaming website or you are aware of the many positive effects a game can add to your site. Here are several ways we can help you add (more) games.

1. Game Licensing

You can license one of our games, exactly as it is, so without any modifications or add your logo or anything else you would like! Our Flash game licenses are valid for life, the only limitation is the that they are site-locked to the licensed domain. Find out more about Flash game licensing.

2. Game Source Code Purchase

If you would not only like to make extensive changes to any of our Flash games, but want to make them yourself, then buying the Flash source is the right option for you. This option is also convenient for anyone who doesn't want to have any restrictions whatsoever.

3. Custom Game Creation

If you are interested in a custom-created game, from scratch, then you are at the right place. From ideas to storyboard, custom game design and development - we offer complete game creation of Flash games.

Please fill out the below form to tell us about the game(s) you would like us to create. We can also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if you would like, however we treat every inquiry in the same confidential manner.
If you don't have any specifications, but still wish to have a custom-created game, then contact us and let us know your target audience and your intentions with the game. We also offer ideas for games. Prices for that vary, depending on the complexity of the game.

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