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Did you know that Greenhouse was inspired by a classic Game & Watch game?

Nintendo Green House

Back in 1982 Nintendo released a game called Green House as part of their 'Game & Watch' collection. It was a handheld games collection. The game was simple, addictive and great fun!

Reaching a benchmark without any mistakes was incredibly exciting. The score would begin to flash, though it rather felt like the entire game was flashing. If you could keep that up you could score big time! The graphics were extremely simple and monochrome, as it was customary with these old games.

In our Greenhouse game we have tried to keep the best aspects of the '80s classic while also adding some new benefits. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed the classic it was inspired by.

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Game Instructions
Use the arrow keys to control the fumigator.
Use the space bar to spray the bugs!

Greenhouse is a fast-paced game in which it is your job to protect the flowers and make sure the bugs don't get to them.
Each time a bug succeeds, one miss is noted. When you have three misses the game is over.

Certain scores constitute a benchmark in the game. When you reach such a benchmark, all misses are canceled.
If there are no misses when you reach a benchmark the game goes into chance time. The score begins to flash and all the points are awarded double of their usual value, until your first miss.
Game Licensing Info

You can add this game to your website, incl. your logo!

Game license: €150
Included files
• Flash game file (.swf)
• HTML embed code
• High score script (.php)
• MySQL database dump
Game info and details

The Flash game source (.fla) is also available!

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