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Online Flash gamesGames ArticlesFlash Games: More than What Meets the Eye

Flash games have been around for years, but many people disregard them as being light-weight, or 'casual' games that shouldn't be taken seriously. Well, things have changed a great deal since the first Flash games, which were more like simple arcade games such as space invaders or Pac-man.

Flash games have evolved to become just as good as their dedicated game-console counterparts, with many game developers getting a start by coding games for the Flash platform.

These days you can find every type of game genre built on the Flash framework, from action games to satisfy any gamer, to free online slots on sites such as The graphics and sound look just as good as games found in retail stores, and are usually totally free. This shrinking gap between paid games and free Flash games has been a big factor in the recent decline in popularity for gaming consoles. The recent launch and lackluster sales of the Nintendo Wii U are a prime example.

We tried looking at popular game reviews, and were able to find Flash versions of the same game genres in just a few mouse clicks. Billiard is a popular choice, along with the Spot the difference genre that has become popular thanks to touch-enabled devices.

You may be surprised at the quality of Flash games available today that can be played with just an internet browser. There are Flash 3rd person shooter games with team play elements that are very similar to the million-selling HALO franchise on the Microsoft Xbox gaming console. Featuring multiple classes, jetpacks and weapon upgrades, you will be amazed that such game is free and can run in a web browser!

If team deathmatches are not your thing, there are also Flash based World of Warcraft clones in the internet. These games have in-depth gameplay, excellent graphics and all the hallmarks of a classic multiplayer online role playing game - and it runs in a web browser, thanks to Flash.

Non-traditional games have also become viable thanks to the flexibility and small file sizes of games built with Flash. Many online slot reviews mention how much fun the games are, and how quickly they load. This is thanks to Flash and clever coding by the game developers. Many websites now include some kind of interactive game content, in a bid to keep viewers interested. The days when game coding were an expensive outlay are long gone, with various game studios offering customized Flash games.

Whether you want to play a simple puzzle game to relax, or play online slots for some excitement at home, there is a Flash game available to help meet your needs. Other web development platforms have tried to become popular, but the robust feature-set and popularity with designers and coders has kept Flash at the forefront of internet game delivery for more than a decade.

This is no mean feat, but it's easy to see why Flash is so popular if you learn how to use it yourself. There are many tutorials available online, and most bookstores have at least a handful of Flash lesson books available for sale. The flexibility and ease of use have made Flash the first choice for online game coders, and some retail game releases have even been designed on this versatile platform.

The future looks bright for the Flash platform, with the parent company Adobe pledging support and laying out a plan for the next 5 to 10 years. HTML5 has become popular lately, but the huge army of Flash supporters have vowed to stay true to their coding platform of choice.

So next time you play jackpot slots online, or stumble across a Flash game gem while surfing the web, consider the software underneath it that allows you to quickly jump in and start playing the game in just a few moments.

Written by Antonio

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