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Online Flash gamesGames ArticlesEco Awareness through Free Online Games

Eco Awareness through Online Games

Games can be idle amusement, but they can also effect and inspire people.
One of the ways to raise awareness to the planet and its need for care is through free online games.

Online Eco-game: Greenhouse

1. Greenhouse

Devotion to Plants

Game play & Mission: Greenhouse is a fast-paced game in which it is your job to protect the flowers and make sure the bugs don't get to them. You control the fumigator directing him up and down the stairs, spraying the bugs before they can harm the plants. If a bug succeeds, a miss is noted. When you have three misses the game is over.

Eco-game: Greenhouse

Reaching a benchmark (a preset score point) cancels any existing misses. On the other hand, arriving at the same benchmark without any misses brings you into 'chance time'. This is where it gets really exciting! The score begins to flash and all the points are awarded double their usual value. This lasts until your first miss.

The Game's Eco-value: Environmentally and ecologically speaking, Greenhouse is the more basic than the upcoming eco games. Its eco value consists primarily of the fact that the game hero is in service of the plants and aims to save and preserve them.

Online Eco-game: The Branch

2. The Branch

Abstract Love of Nature

Game play & Mission: The Branch is a puzzle and logic game in which it is your mission to breathe life back into the branch. To do this, you rotate the gray and dry looking branch pieces until they are all connected and full of life!

Eco-game: The Branch

Each new level gets more difficult as well as larger.

The Game's Eco-value: The game's slogan is "A Nature lover's puzzle game. A puzzle lover's nature game." - and it fits! While the concept is abstract, the game play and mission suggest an active attitude towards nature. "Love it, help it prosper."

Online Eco-game: River Rescue

3. River Rescue

Hands Down Environmental Activism

Game play & Mission: In ancient times heroes would fight battles or hunt the largest animal. In the 21st century a different kind of hero is needed. In River Rescue you, the modern day hero, 'rescue' the river from all the thrash and poisons. Not missing any thrash pays off, because then you are awarded bonus points.

Eco-game: River Rescue

The Game's Eco-value: There is nothing abstract about River Rescue. It is a hands down, get pro-active & do the right thing type of game. River Rescue redefines the term "hero" by making a comparison to the cliche, old-time hero type, and gives birth to the modern day hero. The battles that need to be fought today are not longer "with a ready sword", but with a ready mind and the right kind of attitude.

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