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Enjoy the fine collection of free online adventure games! Delve into the adventure and have fun. If you are a webmaster and are looking to add Flash games to your website, all these adventure games can be licensed or purchased.

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Play Samsu and the Mushroom Forest, a cute real-time, side-scrolling adventure game!

Did you know that early adventure games were simple text adventures?

Early adventure games

The very first computer adventure game, created in 1976, was simply called "Adventure", also known as "Colossal Cave Adventure". It was a text adventure game placing the reader/player in the midst of vast underground realms combined with fantastical elements, like elves and a troll, magic words and object-puzzles.

These elements eventually became synonymous with the genre of adventure games.

Did you know that adventure games stimulate imagination and self-confidence?

Adventure games inspire and teach. By putting oneself in the role of the protagonist the player is emboldened by the elements of danger rather than put off or frightened. Solving riddles or puzzles is a common and usually important aspect of adventure games, forcing the player to actively use their mind in combining knowledge and ingenuity. A couple of the most common sub-genres of adventure games are visual novels and graphic adventure games, both of which heavily rely on the player's ability to delve into the experience. Regardless of the type of adventure, each adventure game is basically interactive fiction.

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