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Did you know that horned Viking helmets are a myth?

The Norse God Thor

The myth derrives from a group of romantic poets and authors from the early 19th century. The Geatish Society, as they called themselves, aimed to revive the Viking spirit. They often wrote about the Vikings in a romanticized way, telling of their heroic and noble history. The members of this society sometimes wore horned helmets and that is how the myth was born. The idea of horned helmets, as well as winged helmets actually comes from depictions of Norse gods, and had very little to do with the Viking people.

If you think about it, it actually makes perfect sense that it is just a myth. Horns on a helmet would have been very impractical and even dangerous!

Historically speaking, horned helmets did exist, but there were only a few and they were ritual helmets rather than an everday accessory. Even these helmets however, had little to do with Vikings, as horned helmets derrive from a period of some two thousand years prior to the Viking Age.

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Game Instructions
The Logsters are hardworking and tough, but in order to successfully carry a log over any given distance they must be extremely well synchronized.

You can control each Logster's speed by dragging his controller left or right. Their ideal speed is in the center of the the indicator, in the green region. Allow the controller to go too far to the left or too far to the right and the log will collapse.
Game Licensing Info

You can add this game to your website, incl. your logo!

Game license: €150
Included files
• Flash game file (.swf)
• HTML embed code
• High score script (.php)
• MySQL database dump
Game info and details

The Flash game source (.fla) is also available!

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