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GamezArena has been offering free casual games to online players for a decade, but that is not all that makes us stand out. The games are original and fun, but the web pages that feature the games are designed to be interesting too, offering additional bits of information and trivia. At GamezArena visitors can play a game, learn a thing or two, or discover interesting or sometimes bizarre information related to the very game they are playing.

Advertising with style has now opened its doors to advertisers! We don't offer a wide range of advertising opportunities. For example, we are not ready for banner advertisements just yet; they are too aggressive, so not our style. Instead we wish to provide our visitors with relevant or simply interesting text ads featured exclusively on the game pages. In other words, we now offer game page sponsorship!

First-come, first-served

Game page sponsorship is available for all GamezArena game pages, except for the kids games section. The spots are highly exclusive, because we only allow for a maximum of 3 ads per game page. That's it! No more...

By signing up for a game page sponsorship you enter a monthly agreement, and the cost is automatically paid via PayPal. The game page sponsorship can be cancelled at any time, without any prior notice. You maintain complete control over the duration of your sponsorship.

How to secure a placement

Find the game sponsorship button: Example of sponsorship button
on the game page of your choice & follow the simple on-screen instructions.

Getting started

To take advantage of this opportunity browse the game pages to find one which suits you and which has an open ad spot. If there is a spot available the game page will have a button link as shown in the example to the right.

Questions? Contact GamezArena.