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GamezArena is one of the first online game licensing providers to offer top quality Flash games to companies and individuals. GamezArena's presence was the result of a labor of love between Sabina Nore and Ryan Nore. The designer and developer, from PepFX Design in Vienna, Austria, launched GamezArena with less than a dozen games. GamezArena stabilized its presence as a Flash game provider upon the release of "Beanies".

The Beany character, which is now featured in several
GamezArena games, was inspired by a little boy named Christopher.

The origin of the Beany character

While the Beany game character, and site mascot, was created based upon the husband and wife team's son, the game "Beanies" was based upon the well-known game "Lemmings". The game received quite a lot of recognition from such reputable sources as Channel 4, NBC's Giga News and AOL News. In the mean time GamezArena freely presents its visitors to play over 40 Flash games in the action, adventure, puzzle, sport, and strategy genres. Among those genres are some classic card, board, and tile games respectfully recreated in in Flash. Such classics as Chess, Ludo, Mastermind, Connect 4, Mah-Jong, Memory, and Solitaire.

A Decade Later...

In the mean time there are hundreds of websites offering Flash games in the world wide web, yet GamezArena is still unique in that the featured games are not merely Flash games offered at but are actually created by the GamezArena team. That means originality and freshness. Our focus is always quality, not quantity.

Plus, sharing is a virtue! The games can be played on the GamezArena website for free, or they can be licensed. They are not spread across the internet as most other Flash games are. The only way to have a GamezArena game on your website is to license it, or purchase the game source. That is good news for any website owner who is looking to add Flash games to their site. When you license a GamezArena game you get something unique and original.